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Find a battery that fits your phone

The database allows you to select a battery for a smartphone, phone or tablet according to the overall dimensions of the battery compartment.

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How to find the battery:

To find a battery that could fit in the compartment of your phone or tablet click "Search" at the top of table. A dialog box appears. In the first field select "length", in the second - "less than or equal to", in the third, enter the length of the battery compartment in millimeters. Click "add additional search criteria" below, select "width", "less than or equal to", and enter the width of the battery compartment. Click "add additional search criteria " below, select "thickness", "less than or equal to", and enter the thickness to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. Use only point (.) as a separator character! Click the "Search" button below. Sort the result in descending order of capacity. To do this click on the word "capacity" in the table header once or twice. Do not forget that instead of one large battery you can put several smaller batteries in parallel having previously agreed the voltage on them. Note that the length here is always greater than the width! The new battery maximum voltage (Umax) shouldn't be lower than that of the old one!

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